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Just Keep Fight

Just Keep Fight
Live in Groshi studio
Lyrics: Apet Aliaksei
Music: Scandal
Am  C  G
        Am                              C            G
I’ve traveled many times along the roads,
                  Am                                             Em
That keep appeared through the years in front of me.
                 Am                              C                 G
I’ve been searching only things, that just bring pleasure.
             Am                                  Em
And I never want to talk about love.
F                                G
Find a place in your heart
F                                           G
To start a way from hell to heaven.
  Am                         C                G
Live to die, there’s no need to fear.
  Am                        C                 G              F
Too few time, just lay all your worries behind.
   G       Am                     C                G
Yeah! See the God and tell him the truth,
  Am                                    C              G                  F
What you’ve done on this long long road, calling life
  G            Am   F  G
Just keep fight!
I’ve finally realized what a fool I was,
When one girl began to live inside my head.
Oh! How many pretty things, that I could be missing,
All come around to my mind.
Why I was so confused,
I didn’t find, only lose.
Love just gone beside me!

September - october 2003.
The train Borisov - Minsk.
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