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Take My Hand

Слова: Апет Алексей

D   G   A

D                                        G                                   A                       D
Sometimes I feel, I’m so alone, and I gotta go home, gotta go home.
                                                                          G                      A                     D
But night won’t last forever, and I gotta carry on, gotta carry on, gotta carry on.
G                    A
Time pass by, I gotta try.
Hm                  G                      F#m                        G     A         Hm
Find a place inside my heart, maybe we could make another start.
                                   G     F#m         G   A  Hm
Take my hand, we’ll go away from here.
We’ll take a ride across the shore, buy a couple of beers or more.
Take my hand, we’ll fly away from here.
Look into my eyes and you will see just how much I need you.
Be flower in my hand, I cannot understand, why are you afraid of me.
Time pass by, I gotta try.
D           A                    Hm
Let the rain falls on our heads,
D            A                    Hm
Let the wind blow out our minds,
D               A         Hm
But we’ll be together
D A         Hm
Until the end of time.
G                    A
Time pass by, I gotta try.

Сентябрь – октябрь 2006г.
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